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The new Tinder Swindler: Genuine tale out-of just how Simon Leviev fooled lady out of hundreds of thousands

The new Tinder Swindler: Genuine tale out-of just how Simon Leviev fooled lady out of hundreds of thousands

You will be usually informed to be cautious regarding the the person you can meet for the matchmaking software, and there’s no finest exemplory case of which heading completely wrong than just Netflix’s Brand new Tinder Swindler.

Simon Leviev, aka Shimon Yehuda Hayut, is the main hustler within the Netflix’s newest real-crime documentary, which comes gorgeous towards the heels of another according to an excellent conman, Brand new Puppet Master.

There are a lot of parallels anywhere between Simon and you can Robert Hendy-Freegard. One another love the fresh new adventure off an outrageous lives, each other target feamales in purchase to swipe funds from him or her, and you may both of them, frustratingly, are presently totally free boys despite the criminal activities.

In the Tinder Swindler, three women started forward making use of their very own horrific reports regarding just how they decrease getting Simon’s charms.

That is the actual Simon Leviev?

Shimon Yehuda Hayut is actually an expert hustler exactly who changed their title in order to Simon Leviev inside the 2017 so you’re able to appear connected with ‘King away from Diamonds’ millionaire, Lev Leviev.

In reality, he has got nothing to would on actual Leviev family unit members. Although label keeps such as for instance pounds, especially if you Yahoo it, it was adequate to appear like their fancy existence was financed by “family” currency.

In fact, he originates from a simple record in Tel Aviv, Israel. If the Tinder Swindler party made an effort to tune his genealogy, their mommy shown she had not seen Simon given that he was 18.

At this age the guy escaped Israel immediately after as need to own fraud. He was accused in 2011 out of stealing cheques of an employer. He did not sit-in his court day and you may leftover the country into a good forged passport.

From inside the 2015, Simon served 36 months inside a Finland jail to have crazy fraud. He’d taken money from around three female immediately following stating he was regarding the weapons globe before getting dollars from their store.

He had been then sent back in order to Israel, where he fled again before their court big date with changed their title so you’re able to Leviev. In the he found the original girl who looks from the Tinder Swindler.

How Simon directed their subjects

As the term suggests, Simon create commonly fulfill their targets with the Tinder, catching their attention which have a profile boasting stylish clothes and a five-superstar life together with individual jets and you will love dinners.

He would romance his aim, spending thousands towards the personal body gestures, luxury lodging and you will travel abroad. After a couple of months, the guy drawn the newest rug out of below them, claiming he was in some trouble due to the hazardous character away from the fresh new diamond community.

Simon would jak zjistit, kdo vГЎs mГЎ rГЎd na tsdates bez placenГ­ posting photo and you will video clips off his security shield, Peter, washed-out in the rear of an ambulance, claiming an attempt ended up being produced into his lifetime.

Asking for the women render him a credit card temporarily inside their name, he would pledge to invest their straight back, prior to which he wanted to stay within the radar and you will off-grid getting anxiety about his life.

Trusting the guy its had the cash immediately following what they got experienced which have him, and you may terrified having their safeguards, the women do assist and he perform begin accumulating extreme expense in their name ahead of pressuring them to post so much more.

Sometimes he would pay a few of the charges while the good mark of good trust, however, generally however forge lender transfer invoices, claiming he would delivered the bucks and you can blaming the bank for faltering in order to conduct your order.

Typically the guy became desired in more than just seven regions to your system, however, turned-out nearly impossible to trace due to playing with other people’s credit cards along with his consistent moving. He had been fundamentally need because of the Interpol.

The new Tinder Swindler: Genuine tale out-of just how Simon Leviev fooled lady out of hundreds of thousands
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